Maintenance Products

SpaEase Jet Line Cleaner

Over time, even a well-maintained spa or jetted bathtub will accumulate unseen, bacteria breeding deposits in the plumbing lines. Anyone who has activated the jets on a bathtub, after a period of non-use, has experience both a foul odor and viewed unsightly dirt particles. Our Jet Line Cleaner dissolves the dirt, soap, and bacteria hidden within the plumbing helping to keep your spa and jetted bathtub water fresh and clean. It is also very effective in cleaning the jets and fittings that discolor over time. Recommended to use at least twice a year.



This non-foaming based solution that can be used to spray and clean the acrylic surface above the water line when the spa is filled without affecting the water’s chemistry. It’s also perfect for cleaning the acrylic shell when spa is drained. This could easily become your favorite household cleaner; perfect for hard water stains on sinks, eliminates mold and mildew without bleaching.



Helps create a durable, protective coating on the shell surface and hides the scratches in the acrylic without affecting your water’s chemistry. Each time you drain your hot tub clean the acrylic surface with our “All Purpose Cleaner”, when spa is completely dry, apply “SpaGloss” and simply wipe clean. SpaGloss protects your shell surface along with enhancing the color.



Protect and extend the life of your cover. A silicon based product helps protect all forms of vinyl and leather from hardening and cracking and includes a UV inhibitor to protect cover from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. Also leaves the cover with a high sheen.