What is Ozonator and can I use it to sanitize my water?

A standard Spa Ozonator is a single vessel system that produces approximately 30 mg of ozone per/hour and feeds it into the spa water as a gas. It is an excellent product to assist you in sanitizing and keeping your water healthy and clear but is not a substitute for using chemicals. You still need to use one of the traditional sanitizers to properly keep your water clear and healthy.


Will an Ozonator help me reduce my chemical usage?

Yes, using an Ozonator allows you to lessen the amount of sanitizers (chlorine or bromine) you will need to use by about 20%. The reason Ozonators are not more effective and cannot be used in replace of chemicals is that the ozone gas your Ozonator produces only has a life of about 12 seconds, plus it only works when your spa is operational. Caution, the use of an Ozonator does not relieve you of shocking your water each time you use your spa or lessen the amount of balancing and maintenance products you may need to use for your hot tub.

Does having an Ozonator installed in my spa save me money?

Only if you receive the Ozonator for free. Ozonators require replacement every 1 to 2 years and the savings you receive on lessening your sanitizer usage rarely pays for the cost of purchasing an Ozonator, or replacing it. Ozonators are recommended for those willing to pay extra in order to do all they can to maintain the highest level of water quality possible.


Are there any negatives to using an Ozonator?

Ozonators work by feeding ozone gas into the spa water during the filtration cycle, preferably via an independent jet located at the lowest point in your spa’s foot well. These gases rise through the spa water killing bacteria in its path. As this gas reached the water’s surface it produces “off-gases” (any ozone gas that reaches the water’s surface that has been used up killing bacteria). These “off-gases” are usually the primary culprit in the discoloration to the underside of your cover and pillows, along with the yellowing of spa jets covers. These “off-gasses” are what you smell when you raise the cover. They are also the reason standard Ozonators are not recommended for hot tubs installed indoors in rooms with no ventilation system. If you do have a spa indoors with an Ozonator make certain to always keep your cover on the hot tub when it is not in use. Standard Ozonators are best to be used on hot tubs installed outdoors.