Pros & Cons of Sanitizers

Each of the Sanitizer methods below provide an excellent method of keeping your spa water healthy and free of bacteria.



“SpaEase Chlorine” is the least expensive sanitizer to use and the one that dissolves rapidly providing you a nearly immediate correction to your sanitizing level. An additional benefit to Chlorine is that it is close to pH neutral so there is less of a chance of it changing your pH level than all other sanitizers. Unfortunately Chorine is a manual dispensing product, meaning there is no automatic feeder to use for hot tubs. Chlorine requires you to maintain 3 to 5 ppm residual level at all times (do not use the spa if the level rises above 5 ppm). To properly use Chlorine and avoid having a scent to your water you need to add a little chlorine every other day, and shock the spa with Spa Activator after each use.



“SpaEase Bromine Tablets” are slightly more expensive to use then “SpaEase Chlorine” but it is the preferred choice of most hot tub users. Bromine has a lower pH then Chlorine but is more pH friendly, meaning Chlorine is best used in low pH range of 7.2 to 7.5 ppm and Bromine works well throughout the entire recommended pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 ppm. The 2 real benefits to Bromine are: 1. Less Work: “SpaEase Bromine Tablets” are slow dissolving and can be used with a floating bromine dispenser. Simply put a few tablets in the dispenser and refill about once a week. 2. No Chlorine Scent: “SpaEase Bromine Tablets” are pressed on the exterior with a pH neutral Chorine that dissolves rapidly creating no chlorine odor and allowing the tablets to begin their sanitizing process.